Dual Enrollment


Dual enrollment allows students to earn tuition-free college credits while still enrolled as a high school student at TMSA. Credits earned while dual enrolled can be transferred to UNC Institutions. Credits also have the possibility to satisfy high school graduation requirements.

Juniors and seniors (11th and 12th) are able to enroll at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC). Students must have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 before registering OR have test scores (PSAT, Pre-ACT, SAT, PLAN) demonstrating college readiness in English, reading, and mathematics to be eligible for enrollment. Transportation is provided to and from TMSA.

Freshmen and sophomores (9th and 10th) are able to enroll at either North Carolina A&T or Greensboro College. Students must have earned at least 4 high school credits prior to application, have a weighted GPA of 3.75 and have a PSAT score of 1160 or more. Students must also have the approval of the High School Dean before enrolling. Students enrolled at North Carolina A&T or Greensboro College are responsible for transportation to and from classes.

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